A local Interior Architecture company with an abundance of creative soul and a belief that every aspect of your life can be custom designed to your absolute comfort. Bsense Interior Design is the sister company of bpas Architects and was established in 2017 to create a closer collaboration between Architects and Interior Designers. Our overall goal is to excite and inspire, and most importantly to provide the connection between our clients and their most desirable spaces. We love Cape Town and the character her people bring, which is where we’re situated and why we focus on local suppliers to enhance and develop the creative process.

Design is fulfilling and rewarding and when we take the time to think about the design of a product or service it becomes more effective. Our main goal is to produce effective services that perform, communicate, convert and fulfill that specific purpose. 

Interior Architecture

Our Interior Architecture services include the design of interior and exterior of buildings. We focus on the needs of the user and the harmony between architectural spaces to create purposeful areas.

sourcing & procurement

We find reliable, affordable, and quality suppliers according to client needs. The procurement process involves placing orders, receiving the goods, fitment and arranging payment for a full turnkey solution.

technical / joinery drawings

Documentation that visually communicate how something functions, how it is to be manufactured or for costing purposes. Depending on the project, this option also includes council submissions.

interior styling

Interior Styling provide the final touches for a lived-in, decorated and warm atmosphere with the use of effective elements without the need for remodeling. This option works well for advertising purposes.

bespoke furniture

In collaboration with our experienced and talented craftsman partners, we design and build custom furniture with the utmost care and precision. This includes upholstery and re-upholstery services.

interior consulting

We offer guidance regarding colour palettes, furniture options, space planning, suppliers and can also include services such as digital mood/style boards and physical sample boards.

Cups of Coffee
Happy Clients

Team members are the key to success at Bsense Interior Architecture, therefore we cultivate a company of choice for employment. Investment in continuous professional development is essential to stimulate critical thinking skills as well as industry awareness. 


‘Ask the Interior Designer’ is an initiative we started to assist potential clients in the early stages of their building or renovation projects. We created an Interior Project Planning Pack to help with the most frequently asked questions and issues when planning your Interior project. Download this easy to use 6 step tool so that we can help you to reduce the overall risk and improve the end result drastically.


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